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Designed to test your…

Battle-Tested Muscles


Battle-Tested Mind


Battle-Tested Morals


The amount of battles you face in life that require your muscles pales in comparison to those that require your morals.

Battle-Tested events will challenge teammates physically, mentally and morally. Each event is designed to test a team’s physical abilities and mental toughness while focusing on character traits the teammates should possess. Common traits include integrity, commitment, courage, loyalty, teamwork, leadership, and service. Once a team is Battle-Tested they are better prepared for victory in future battles that life throws at them.

This is not a race, but an experience!

All Battles are done in groups that navigate through the challenges together requiring teamwork to complete them. Some challenges requires the entire group to work together and other challenges split the group into smaller teams that compete against each other.

Some of the Benefits


VictoryBattle-Tested events are customized to the needs of your individual team. We help equip your team with the mental toughness and character they will need to be better prepared to win battles they will face on and off the field.


UnityOur events help draw teammates closer together and helps foster respect for the strengths that each person brings to the team. There’s something about working hard with each other that creates a lasting bond.


Character We believe that character drives performance. The greater the character of your team members, the better they will perform. We challenge their character to help them consider where they may need to improve.

Cost Efficient

Cost EfficientOur team building events are portable so we can come to your location reducing the risks and costs associated with offsite transportation. We can also meet you at a destination of your choice.

Thankful for our Corporate Donors

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Empowering young women and creating the ultimate team experience is our team’s mission statement at Auburn University. Battle-Tested is one of the best programs I have ever seen in helping create that culture in a short time. Their ability to tailor each event to meet the desired goal is amazing. We had players pushing harder, excelling and gaining more confidence in themselves and their teammates, at a level that I did not think possible in one day. What has impressed me the most, is how those lessons have helped inspire and shape our team to take ownership and become leaders in a manner that still exists today.

Greg Williams, Head Equestrian Coach, Auburn University

Battle-Tested was a great experience not only for my athletes but for the coaching staff as well.  We used this program to help our athletes build confidence, improve their character, and promote overall teamwork.  Each challenge allowed the girls to work together towards a common goal while maintaining a positive attitude.  This was a great way to start our season and we will continue to use this as momentum when the season gets tough.  Thank you Battle-Tested for challenging the girls and building their confidence.  We loved every moment.  Truly an amazing day!

Renee Rybak, Head Softball Coach, Bremen High School

Battle-Tested is best team event we have done as a program. It was a perfect pairing for our Big Brother-Little Brother mentorship program we have in place. The boys had a great time and the values and morals Blake taught the boys was perfectly in line with what we teach.

Sean McCaffrey, Head Boys Lacrosse Coach, St. Charles North High School

As a coach, you are consistently preaching the messages of character, leadership, and a team first attitude.  Battle-Tested brings those messages to life. The competitions that we did enabled our team to see how they needed each other to be successful, and the stories that were told enforced the core values that are important to us as a team.  Our team grew a tremendous amount from Battle-Tested and learned life lessons that will carry over to the field and beyond.

Pete Lotus, Head Baseball Coach, St. Laurence High School

Over the three hours, I learned a lot about the individuals in the gym and I truly believe they learned about themselves, their perceived limits, and how much potential each of them hold. For the next week, the Battle-Tested event was the only thing my program, coaches included, could talk about. Even almost 2 months after the event, players still refer back to the camaraderie they experienced that day and the lessons they learned to get through losses or tough stretches in practices or games. I would highly recommend this event to any coach, as it is something players will remember fondly and be able to refer back to throughout their lives.

Paul Kowalyszyn, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Streamwood High School

For 13 years we have been doing team-bonding activities and I can honestly say I thought Battle-Tested was the best experience we have ever had.  Not only did Blake test them physically but he taught them life lessons that will help them be successful this year and in life in general.  From the physical activities to the story time, Battle-Tested was a GREAT experience for our team and one that I would highly recommend everyone give a try.  Looking forward to doing it again next year.

Justin Meyer, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Edgewood College

As a coach you constantly seek examples and activities that affirm core values and teamwork.  Battle-Tested reinforced those principles while the players competed and had a lot of fun.  It was a great change of pace and valuable day for the kids, but also for the coaches who gained insight about future team leaders and the grit of the individual players.


John Holecek, Head Football Coach, Loyola Academy

Battle-Tested was a great experience for our program.  As a new staff it proved to be a fantastic way to learn more about our players while giving them the opportunity to learn about each other as well.  They were pushed physically and forced to work together to overcome any obstacles they encountered.  Blake is a first class individual who is clearly invested in the overall character of the individual and how that serves the team.  His interaction with our players served as inspiration and a challenge to be better than even they thought they could be. 
Kellie Evans, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Purdue University Calumet
I was really impressed with Battle-Tested program. They created an environment that made our girls feel comfortable and not intimidated, yet challenged them individually and collectively to perform outside their normal comfort zones. It was great to see new leaders emerge, camaraderie and friendships enhanced, and lessons learned, all with some good laughs along the way. This was a great way to kick-off the new season!

Roland Hahn, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Roosevelt University

Although the physical challenges were tough at times, they ended up being exceedingly valuable to us in that they challenged us physically and mentally and required us to encourage each other to do the best we can.  You also challenged us to be the best people we can be at all times.  In many ways, these challenges will be even more valuable than the physical ones as we go through college and enter into the real world.

Derek Helmer,Edgewood College, Men's Soccer Coach